Access to the medication you need

Why does my family support Ontario moving forward with Universal Ontario Pharmacare? Because good health should never be a compromise. 

Every day, families have to make the agonizing decisions between the crucial needs they can spend their limited income on. Prior to me being a City Councillor our family had to make decisions like these too. Far too many people have had to ask themselves heartbreaking questions. If I pay the rent, can we afford Dad's blood pressure medication? How can we pay the hydro bill and still get our child's'  ADHD medication? Can I cut back on my insulin so I can afford groceries? These are questions that no one in a province as wealthy as Ontario should have to ask themselves. Or suffer the consequences that arise from the decisions.
This is a province where we can afford programs that ensure no one is left behind. Because of the inaction of Liberal and Conservative governments, we remain precariously stuck in the status quo. 
It's time to disrupt the status quo. And it begins with my family supporting Universal Ontario Pharmacare.

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