A Living Wage



If you work hard, you should be compensated for that. Why do I support a Living Wage? Because it's time to stop marginalizing the people who help to keep our economic engine running. And a Living Wage means more dollars are available for people to spend more freely in London. Minimum wage earners can and often are marginalized because of the barriers they face. They may be a new Canadian,  struggling to make a footing for themselves and their families. Or a person with a different ability who isn't afforded the same opportunities. And the single parents, juggling family, a household and trying to earn enough money to keep all of those balls in the air. There's no emergency savings and health benefit plans are rare. Not earning a Living Wage is a barrier that creates walls that are almost impossible to climb.

And it's not just the problems they face today. It will affect their lives many years down the road as saving for retirement is not an option. A Living Wage helps retain good talent and develops a culture of respect. It's an investment in every Ontario community and citizen working hard at keeping that economic engine running strong.

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